Software Selection

Choosing software can be a daunting task. Bundy & Associates has many years of experience evaluating software and helping customers make the right choice to meet their needs.  And we can help you, too.

Software Implementation

Implementing software can be frustrating. We have done it so many times, we can lower the learning curve and help you make a plan and avoid pitfalls.

Software Support

We can help you resolve software support issues. We know how to troubleshoot problems and how to resolve issues. We can help streamline getting resolutions from your software vendors by carefully documenting the issues and asking the right questions.

Software Development

Sometimes your business may need a custom solution. We can help you decide when this needs to be done and then make the software for you or find the right developer.

Software Integration

Many companies have multiple software systems that need to talk to each other. We hear it all the time. We can often integrate these systems or pass data from one to another to make your work flow more efficient. We may be able to combine data from multiple systems to produce the reports you need.