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Ron Black & Associates IT Consultants is an IT support company that provides services in the greater Cleveland area. Ron has established an excellent reputation and has many loyal clients who rely on him for guidance in their technology decisions. A common area for improvement that Ron keeps seeing these days is the need to review the company’s phone system. Oftentimes the phone system has not been addressed for years even though there are options to greatly reduce costs and improve capabilities at the same time.

The IT support world has a vast number of challenges: no one knows everything. Ron has found that there are many situations/skills that his team does not encounter often enough to become true experts in. When this happens, he has found that bringing in a specialist to help is much more efficient. Here are some examples where bringing an expert on phone systems to help provided a great solution for the customer:

In 2017, his client at Gaines Funeral Home asked Black to audit their IT expenses. Gaines is a funeral home with two locations in the Cleveland area. With a staff of fewer than thirty, they have been serving the community since 1972.

Gaines only had eight lines between the two locations, but their phone bills were more than $800 a month. Each location had a different legacy PBX, and they couldn’t dial individual extensions or transfer calls between those locations.

Black knew a cloud-based VoIP system would not only save them money, but it would help Gaines leap forward with flexible options. His research led him to the IT community at Spiceworks, where he noticed one name mentioned, again and again, when it came to VoIP and FreePBX: Jared Busch of Bundy & Associates.

Even though the system was a clear win, the team at Gaines was reluctant to make a change. They were used to their old phone system and put the project on hold. However, Black was prepared when Eldridge Tax Service called him about their phone bills.

Eldridge had a multi-line phone system—individual RCA phones that could communicate with each other independent from a PBX. However, they were paying for their phone lines individually every month, costing them hundreds of dollars. Plus, every couple of years, a phone would break. They could buy them from big box stores, but that particular system was reaching end-of-life (EOL). They called Black to save them time and get them away from their old equipment.

Though Black considered another plug-and-play cloud-based option for them, he found Free PBX to be more feature-rich. Black delivered the news: If Eldridge Tax Service switched to FreePBX, they would be able to cut their phone expenses by a third.

After Eldrige happily accepted his offer, Black called in Jared Busch, who was able to configure the entire phone system remotely. Together, they selected the Yealink T46S handsets, which Black’s team installed on-site. He chose Yealink for their simple, text-focused screen, uncomplicated user interface, and it’s use of bright, eye-catching colors.

The only problem they ran into during implementation had to do with the stability of Eldridge’s internet connection, which came through their local phone service provider. Black discovered the phone connection at that particular location was full of water. He had Eldridge Tax switch services immediately, and the new system worked beautifully.

He hasn’t had to make a single adjustment for Eldridge since the issue with their connection. What’s more, that successful installation gave Black an open door with Gaines Funeral Home.

A Referral from a Satisfied FreePBX Customer

When the owner of Gaines heard how much money Eldridge was saving—plus how stable the new system was—she was sold. However, their situation presented a different kind of challenge. The old phone system was expensive and cumbersome to the business, but the staff was used to it. And they were afraid customers wouldn’t be able to make the transition to one phone number for both branches—an efficiency Black had suggested.

The main problem involved getting calls to an answering service when people were away from their desks. Since the Yealink phones are so visually appealing, though, they used the simple user interface to their advantage.

Busch and Black programmed a single button to fix the problem. When the button was green, calls would come directly to the phone. When the employee ended their day, that person would press the button, which would turn red. "Red" meant calls were now going directly to the answering service.

Though Black installed a second "failover" system at Eldridge, he found they didn’t need it. Bundy & Associates’ installation has been a reliable system that has worked without his support for three years now.

At Gaines Funeral Home, the ability to customize FreePBX in conjunction with the Yealink phones was the key to upgrading the company’s phone system and saving them money. Because the staff was reluctant to use a new system, the customer’s happiness depended on both Black and Busch to keep tweaking the system after installation until it worked.

When asked about working with Busch, Black said, "It was easy! It was great! He did a very good job. We’ve been pleased. He knows what he’s talking about. I really liked doing business with Bundy & Associates."

Your VoIP Consultants

Most IT professionals have figured out, through training or just plain research, how to do nearly everything in their field. As a whole, they’re people who will do whatever it takes to make their client—or organization—completely happy by building systems that are as friction-free as possible.

But every implementation takes considerable time and effort. And when it comes to the constantly evolving world of cloud-based phone systems, it helps to have one person to call. You need someone who can configure everything for you, then respond to customization requests quickly and efficiently.

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