911 Compliance

911 Compliance

Laws when dialing 911 have changed!

Do you know if your phone system is compliant?

Two laws were passed.

What does Kari's Law mean to you?

Kari’s Law requires all Multi-Line Phone Systems to allow users to
dial 911 without pressing any button or code to get an outside line.

  • The caller must be able to pick up the phone, press 911 and be connected to the Public Safety Answering Point appropriate to their location.
  • Kari’s Law requires notification to a front desk, security office, or other manned location that a 911 call was placed, and by what extension.
  • Kari’s Law also requires that the callback number presented to the Public Safety Answering Point go directly back to the 911 caller when technically feasible, and to a monitored location when not able to be directly sent to the original caller.
  • Many states already have laws similar to this, so you may already be compliant, but this is a Federal law that applies to everyone.

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Ray BAUM's Act

Ray Baum’s Act requires dispatchable location information to be delivered to the Public Safety Answering Point

A dispatchable location includes:
The Building Address
Additional Data to Enable Adequate Location of the Caller
  • Floor number
  • Suite or Room number
  • Location of desk (southwest corner)

Because of the technical challenges involved, Ray BAUM's Act's effective date depends on the technology.

January 6, 2021
is the effective date for wired devices (fixed desk phones)
January 6, 2022
is the effective date for wireless and portable devices (cell phones and soft phones)

There are Penalties for Non-Compliance.

  • Any business that does not comply can be fined up to $500 for each day they are not in compliance.
  • An additional fine of up to $10,000 can be added on top of the daily fine.
  • Finally, there are the potential costs of lawsuits if a tragedy should occur.

Contact us so we can either make sure you are compliant or help you get there.

We are consultants who can help you get compliant.

  • Whether that means helping you to update your existing phone system or to find a new one.

Noncompliance can be costly.

  • Initial fine of up to $10,000.
  • Subsequent $500 per day until compliant.

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